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Water Damage Restoration Services in Baton Rouge

You've worked hard your entire life, earned yourself enough money to purchase a house or a business in a great neighborhood, immersed yourself within the community and you feel safe and happy. Now, imagine that suddenly everything that you've worked hard for is all gone, destroyed. You've lost your home, your personal property, memorabilia and perhaps your job all because of a flood or hurricane. To go from having everything to nothing in a blink of an eye can be devastating and emotionally exhausting. Yet, this is the reality a lot of good folks face after having their home completely destroyed by flood waters.

Construction Specialist Group Will Help You

So, what do you do when your Baton Rouge home is destroyed by flood and water damage? How do you pick up the pieces, sort through the debris and begin again? When everything that made you feel safe is gone, starting from scratch is not just difficult, it is incredibly painful. You don't have to do it alone. Call Construction Specialist Group at 504-684-5393, for a FREE Consultation. We'll help you pick up the pieces and put things back together again.

Specialized Services

  • Our staff of experienced insurance adjusters specialize in floor and water loss damage. We have worked with policyholders to settle claims and restore flood damaged properties, all over the US.
  • No hidden fees or cost. Our estimates are easy reads. In fact, we use the same estimating software the 22 of 25 top insurance carriers use.
  • Responsive. You can call, text, or email us anytime. We will respond within 24hrs or less.
  • Local. We are your neighbors. We work, live, and fellowship right here, in your community.
  • Sense of Urgency. We too experienced great loss after Hurricane Katrina. There's nothing like working with a team who understands your pain and our staff will work feverishly to ensure a speedy and efficient recovery.
  • Advanced Drying and Repair Methods. All of our equipment is brand new. This means your home will be dried with the latest and best machines the industry has to offer. We implement modern practices to ensure your home is dried and repaired properly.
  • Financing. We offer financing. You can finance your entire project, a small portion of your project, or just your deductible. Our financing options are super flexible, we can work with almost all credit types, and our rates are competitive. Get started today and pay later. To Hear More About Our Current Promotions, CALL US 504-684-5393.
  • Licensed & Insured. We are not just a restoration company, we are a Residential and Commercial Contractor in 'good standing'. We can help rebuild your business and/or home.

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This is an emotional experience for you and we know you feel vulnerable and unsure of which step to take next. Construction Specialist Group is here to make your life a bit easier after such a traumatic experience, allow us to take care of you. We offer free consultations and are available to discuss details over the phone. For further information, please give us a call. We're here to help.

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